I have arrived ✌️

After a 26 hour round trip from door to door, four hours sleep and only three meals 😱, I arrived in Japan at the Khaosan Tokyo Sumurai hostel in Asakusa at around 8.30pm local time, 11.30am UK time 🙈. 

The trip overall was amazing (thank you Emirates for the extra leg room on the first flight and three seats to myself on the second 👌). 

However the commute from the airport to the hostel definitely took its toll on me (as well as the weight of my bag). To start, navigating the underground from the airport was a complete maze. FYI – there are different types of trains and even different sections of the platform for other lines! But anyway I picked up which could have been the worlds smallest ticket and finally made it on the right one. I ended up sitting next to two people reading Manga (Japanese comics) which cheered me up. I had officially arrived in Japan 👌. 

An hour and 10 mins later I arrived at Asakusa underground. Although it was nighttime the place was still incredible, everything I had actually imagined Japan to be (and this is the quieter area). Excited, relieved and ready to get settled, I followed the directions I was given (which is hard when the street names you have are in English and the streets aren’t) and somehow ended up at a wrong hostel, but in fairness with a similar name 🙈. Well done Jess! Tired and very hungry, which never helps the situation, I felt like the smallest fish in a massive murky pond. 

But then I realised this is exactly why I’ve done this trip by myself, to overcome these hurdles, so I picked myself (and heavy bag) up and somehow made it to the hostel 🙋🙌. 

Things massively improved when I arrived. As I walked through the door I was reunited with my friend James (who is currently living in Tokyo teaching English) for a massive hug. I was then taken to my capsule (so exciting) to unload my massive bag and shower/change. Could have quite possibly been the best shower of my life! After food (Italian – crazy I know), drinks and a well needed catch up things were looking up. First night in Japan 0, Jess 1. 

So that’s my journey to Japan done and dusted. Not my most riveting post, however today I start exploring – exciting times 😬. 

Jessica Storm ✌️


3 thoughts on “I have arrived ✌️

  1. I went to Japan last year.
    You are in for a treat. Japan is a fascinating country. I will be writing about my trip very soon, in the meantime I will look out for yours. Enjoy this wonderful corner of the world!

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