Exploring Tokyo

So far I have been blown away by Japan. It’s like everything you expect, but nothing you can quite prepare yourself for.

I’ve only been here for four days, however it feels a lot longer. I won’t go into full details on everything I’ve done, as it may be lengthily and at times boring. Instead I’ve summarised below – think more picture book than biography. 

During the first two days I decided to explore more locally around Tokyo. After meeting a few friends (phew), we had an action packed Saturday exploring the beautiful Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, which was only 10 minutes from our hostel. 

We then took a subway to Shinbuya, where we ate sushi and sat in the Starbucks watching people walk across the famous crossing. Don’t worry we also joined in on the craziness. 

Harajuku was the next stop as we were hoping to see the Harajuku girls, but instead ended up in a cat cafe. Being slightly allergic to cats meant I did in fact spend majority of the time sneezing, but for kittens it was worth it. Overall as a place (Harajuku, not the cafe), it was manic but a lot of fun. 

Then finally, dinner and two hours of happy hour beer drinking 🍺 👍. 

Sunday was definitely a day of rest in comparison. After being told about the local museums and park/lake, we headed to Ueno. En route we stopped at a restaurant (obviously) and I proudly waved the Union Jack flag with an English breakfast. The patriotism was toned back as we tucked in with chopsticks. Eggs and chopsticks 🤔 – the learnings and new skills on this trip are ever expanding 👊. 
Highlights of Ueno were definitely the museum, but also the beautiful cherry blossom trees, which will soon be coming into season. See if you can spot the monk parakeets (I think that’s what they are). 

The evening was a little more crazy as we explored the unusual streets of Akihabara. A new friend (three in two days go me) and I also decided to visit a Maid Cafe, which was just bizarre. I spent 10 minutes awkwardly trying to convince one of the ‘maids’ that my friend was not my boyfriend. The heart shapes and high pitch noises were an added bonus 👌. But after food and a walk back to the hostel, I was tucked up in my capsule (which I’ve retitled den) by 9.30pm. 

My next two days have been a bit more eventful so I’ve decided they need a separate post (and I need more time to write them). Until then, thanks for reading my brief (and rather rushed post). Hope you enjoy the photos!

Jessica Storm ✌️ 


3 thoughts on “Exploring Tokyo

  1. Wow Jess loving hearing your experiences makes me feel as though I am with you. The pictures of Japan look amazing and the colours. Have fun fun fun Bevs xxx

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