Bright lights, big city of Da Nang

Unfortunately I had an accident recently, so I’m a bit behind on my posts. Nothing bad, but I ended up with concussion so have been resting. Because of this, the post is fairly short and sweet. But hopefully when I’m better I’ll get back into the swing of things 😊. 

Interestingly I had been advised to skip Da Nang. It’s great getting recommendations, but I think it’s also important to make your own decisions and this time I’m glad I did. 

Da Nang has everything you need – mountains, city, good food and the beach. It actually reminded me a bit of Barcelona, but with a nicer beach πŸ˜‰. It does however still appear to be an up and coming area, with a lot of hostel/resort building work along the beach front. But this still didn’t take away from its beauty. 

Vinny and I arrived at Funtastic Beach Hostel around lunchtime. As the north of Vietnam has more in land cities, needless to say we were excited for some beach time. 

The main reason I wanted to visit Da Nang was to see Amber (from Cat Ba) for her birthday. I wasn’t going to miss the big 3-0 😊. So on arrival, we dumped our bags and walked down the beach to Breeze Bar to meet her. The vibes here were very Ibiza, with bean bags on the beach and food/cocktails. It was exactly what we needed πŸ‘Œ. The evening, Amber, Vinny and I ate at a local restaurant called Dirty Chicken (the English translation). The name is spot on – you order chicken wings, eat them, then throw the bones under the table. Very bizarre, but the food was yummy, would recommend. 
Saturday 4th March

Saturday 4th March – Amber’s official 30th birthday! One of my favourite days so far in Vietnam 😊. 

Being right by the beach (who would have guessed by the hostel name 😜), I got up early for a workout. At 7am I thought it would be quiet, but it seems Vietnamese people are early rises like me. I did however find a spot to myself and managed a TABATA workout πŸ’ͺ. No excuses! 

Georgia and Harrison had booked into the same hostel, so joined us for the day of activities. The first stop was to Mappido’s house (Amber’s Vietnamese friend who she was staying with), then as a convoy of scooters we rode around the mountain for a coffee on top. This road comes highly recommended to ride from Hue to Da Nang and no question as to why… After lunch at a renowned burger restaurant, we spent the remainder of the afternoon on a ‘secret beach’. Unknown to tourists, there were only local people on the small beach, who we ended up singing Hotel California with and eating chicken they had cooked on the BBQ. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The evening consisted of food at a local restaurant, birthday cake, beer, a walk along the river and the Dragon bridge, which breaths fire and water every Saturday and Sunday evening. All in all it was such a brilliant day and we were all so grateful to spend Amber’s 30th with her 😊. Although it was sad to finally say goodbye. 

Sunday 5th March

Sunday we planned to leave Da Nang but part of me felt like I hadn’t seen enough of it. Harrison had similar feelings, so we decided to get up early (6.30am) to explore Marble Mountain. 

With our hiking shoes on, we expected a trek to the top of the mountain. Instead it was a walk around the temples and sites on the mountain, as sadly you couldn’t reach the peak. It was still beautiful and we were glad we went. That morning we left for Hoi An, my now favourite place in Vietnam.

Jessica Storm ✌️


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