Inle Lake

I may have led you to believe my Inle Lake adventure was over once the hike was finished, however this just wasn’t true. After finishing our lunch, we said goodbye to our guide and jumped on fairly unstable boats, to explore the lake, as well as find out more about the community living there. Honestly, … More Inle Lake


The northern city of Mandalay was once the Royal Capital of Myanmar. Now the second largest city in the country, it hosts large concrete buildings, busy dangerous roads, continuous horn honking, as well as dirt and red spit (I will explain in another post) lining the streets. I arrived in Mandalay in the early hours of … More Mandalay

Borneo Jungle life

I’m sorry I’m a bit (understatement) behind on my blog posts. Sometimes it’s hard finding the time to sit down and write, especially when there is so much to see and do. But here I go on the (delayed) Borneo jungle adventure… Our journey into the jungle didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. … More Borneo Jungle life